Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Some Political Musings: The Republic*ns

The presidential election is in full swing, and its been fun to follow over the past few weeks with the two conventions coming back-to-back. Stay tuned for my thoughts on the DNC, but here are some of my thoughts on the RNC:

I think Sarah Pal*n is turning out to be an excellent running mate for John McC*in, but it makes me very nervous that she could be Vice President to a 72 year old President. She's a likable person: she's young, vibrant, attractive, and very feisty. She is proving to be a very proficient attack dog, and she has reinvigorated McC*in's campaign. If McC*in foresaw all of this (which I don't think he did), it was a very shrewd choice by him. The only problem is, if she continues to be this effective as a running mate and McC*in wins, we will have her as Vice President. Two years ago, she was the mayor of a town of 9,000 people! And she is going to step in as President if something happens to McC*in? I'm sorry but the story about her putting the Alaska jet on eBay is cute but it doesn't tell me anything about her ability to lead a country.

But what is bothering me the most is her attacks on her "opponents"--as she calls them (who is she, Urb*n Meyer?). I have no problem with these political candidates pointing and hammering home each others' weaknesses. Both sides have serious flaws, and the candidates consistently harp on them for good reason. But that's not what Pal*n is doing. When she attacks, she sounds just like R*sh Limba*gh or Sean Hann*ty, in that she brushes over legitimate issues and relies on clever jests about insignificant facts. Her attacks are more mockery than legitimate disputes about policy. In her speech at the RNC, her biggest punch lines were mocking Ob*ma's time as a community organizer and his autobiographies. She made fun of the Greek columns on the stage of the DNC. She mocked Ob*ma's eloquence (why is that a reason for mockery in the first place?). And she mocked the fact that he has a lot of foreign policy advisers (also, how in the world is that reason for mockery? Isn't it good that Ob*ma relies on a lot of good advisers? Haven't we seen how things turn out when a handful of white males get together and decide the country's foreign policy?).

What's interesting is that Ob*ma actually predicted that this is the tact the Republic*ns would take. He said that they would take insignificant matters and hold them up for mockery, while brushing aside the real issues that are at stake. Pal*n went ahead and did just that, and people are eating it up. Fortunately, I think this Pal*n craze will fade out, and the decision will be between Ob*ma and McC*in.

I only heard the second half of McC*in's speech, but to his credit, he didn't fall into any of the mockery that plagued Pal*n and Guli*ni's speeches. I actually kind of liked McC*in's speech. He has an amazing story, and I think he is a great American that has spent his life serving the country.

If any of you made it this far through my ramblings, I am impressed. Your reward: a little mockery for mockery (thanks to Christopher for showing me the link). But, Mrs. Pal*n, lets leave the mockery for the professionals (Limb*ugh and Hann*ty on one side and Colb*rt and Stew*rt on the other) and start talking about the real decisions we have to make this November.


Darth Spencer said...

Nice thoughts Ian. I also thought McCain did a good job, though it got a little boring during the middle of his speech. His story is very interesting and it was cool to hear all those details that he has never really shared before. Its crazy that Palin has become so much more popular than McCain. Have you noticed that since the GOP convention that the only clips that we have seen of McCain have been of him standing in the background as Palin addresses the crowds. I think the Palin buzz will die as well. She needs to quit giving the same speech at every rally that she goes to.

Did you hear Mitt's speech? It made me want to puke. I love how Mitt, the multi millionaire, called Obama the elitist.

Jayme said...

Good thoughts, Ian. This has been an interesting political season for me. You will recall from my visit to Utah that I was a Romney fan for a bit. No longer. I was so discouraged by his pandering to the religious right, a group that resolidified its control over the GOP when McCain selected Palin as his running mate, and a group that has proven over more than a century to be an enemy to the church. For as much as they call themselves Christians, their actions are anything but. Palin's rhetoric disgusts me. All the talk about how Obama is strong on oratory and weak on policy couldn't be more misplaced. I have never seen a candidate more willing to engage on the issues. It will be fun to watch Palin and Biden debate foreign policy.

Ian said...

I didn't hear Mitt's speech, which is probably for the best. What a waste. He's so talented, and it makes me so mad that he's throwing everything away just to be liked by Christian conservatives, who will never fully accept him because of his religion.

Robbie said...

On the Mitt point, I think that is part of the struggle that is going on in the Republican party right now. It seems to be more of a loose coalition of fiscal/economic conservatives with the religious right. In order to compete over the last few elections, and especially with Obama's popularity right now, they have to try and buddy up. Not sure how I feel about it, but that is the case right now. We'll see if the Ron Paul Revolution can destroy two-party politics. ;)

Cicely said...

My dad sent me your reward as an email a week or so ago. David and I almost peed our pants we were laughing so hard. Thanks for letting me relive the funniness.

I enjoyed your thoughts on the subject. You are nice. I can't think of anything good to say when I think of Pain- I mean Palin. She creeps me out. Sometimes I wish my views weren't so one sided.

Sabrena Suite-Mangum said...

Ohhh I am dying to hear your latest take on "the palin problem" now. She finally got "coached" enough that the repubs said "no more 'i can see Russia from my home' crap" ...

I think your take on her was very objective (I wasn't so nice on my blog.)

So less than 30 days to indecision '08? Give us more Ian. Even Cassandra's voting Obama, which I thought was a long shot, because he WILL raise their taxes (Danny and me? not so much falling into that $250,000 or more category right now...)

My ObamaMama t-shirt just came in the mail yesterday ... I wish I could live in it.

JanaB said...

I am really really really late reading your blog. . . but my question is. . . how long are the cable networks going to run Palin's commentary on "How Michelle Should bring her kids up in the White House?"
I mean really, do you honestly think she cares? And furthermore, does America? I can taste the bile in my stomach because my RX benefits from GW's cheap student health insurance has run out to treat my acid reflux so Palin's commentary on ANYTHING does not help. . . ;)