Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent Memorial Day weekend down in Moab with Katie's extended family, and we had a great time. We all stayed at this great place called the Red Cliffs Lodge. Its a converted ranch, and it still has a large pasture filled with cows and stunning horses, which Grace absolutely loved. A couple of times, we got a horse to come over and see us. The lodge is about 15 miles outside moab, up the canyon and sitting right on the Colorado River. The views are spectacular, and its very secluded (we had no idea how crowded Moab was until we went into town to buy some groceries). It was a great spot, and we spent most of our time in that canyon. In addition to the cows and horses, there was a family of ducks and plenty of snakes and lizards. Grace loved following Katie's young cousins around as they caught the snakes and lizards. Here are some pictures from the weekend.


Robbie said...

If Gracie loves lizards, then she just needs to come to Uncle 'Ob's. There are about 50 that live in courtyard in front of my apartment and an occasional one that sneaks in to watch the game with me. Moab looks great! Hope y'all had a great anniversary.

Jayme said...


Your photos made me homesick. I forgot how much I miss the soft, purple light on Utah's redrock mountains.

Gracie looks too cute.


Darth Spencer said...

A ranch like that is such a fun place to say. We stayed at something similar up by Zions with Allison's family a couple of years ago.

Love the aviators.

Ian said...

Rob, sounds like Grace would love to come hang out in Miami with 'Ob, who she still talks about.

It was a beautiful place to stay. You'll have to build a trip to southern Utah into one of your next visits. Lucas would love it down there.

Katie said...

We did have a great time. I am embarrassed my child was touching a garter snake and loving it while her Mom was scared.

We love when you get a day off so we can play!

Matt's Blog said...

That looks incredible! Yes...Ian, we will come with you next time!

whitney said...

Looks like fun, we spent the long weekend doing house renovations. Maybe we need to learn from you.
Romans loves horses too, goes on a walk with my dad almost everyday to feed the ones in the fields behind my parent's house.