Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Sorry to have been such a delinquent blogger the past few weeks. My laptop crashed, and the desktop computer is now in Grace's room (the only room besides the kitchen with a working phone jack), so I can never blog at night anymore or I will wake up Grace. Combine that with being busy at work, and you get a serious lack of blogging. But I just got a work laptop, so I should be able to blog more now.

Anyway, I just had a total flashback to my mission. I got to work this morning and went into the kitchen to fill my water glass and found the kitchen floor covered with dead (or dying) cockroaches. They must have had an exterminator come and spray for them last night or something. It was pretty gross, but it brought back fond memories of my mission. We used to buy a can of Raid, and right before bed, we would use up almost a whole can spraying it everywhere around the kitchen. The next morning, we would wake up and the whole floor would be covered on cockroaches. I hope we sanitized after these exterminations, but I doubt that we did. Another testimony of how missionaries are blessed in ways they can't (at the time) imagine.

Sorry for the gross post, but I have been meaning to start writing down more of my memories as they come back to me. Katie has an amazing memory and can recall almost any memory on demand. I usually need something to trigger my memory. So now, when something triggers my memory, I'm going to try to write the memory down. It was just bad luck for you readers that my first effort in this area turned out to be gross.


Diomedes Mike said...

I loved the post, Ian. Welcome back to the blogosphere.

I too, am cursed with a somewhat inadequate memory while at the same time I am married to Sam, who has a memory of fury and can remember everything.

Wasn't there a character on Star Trek Voyager who could remember the womb?

Matt's Blog said...

Ahh yes, this memory of yours brings back many mission cockroach memories of my own!

Ian said...

Yes, Mike. Katie often balks at how little I remember of my childhood. She remembers what outfit she wore to the first day of kindergarten, for example.

And Matt, isn't it funny how we can look back fondly on cockroaches? The mission does funny things to you.

Darth Spencer said...

I like your Raid story. Here is a good one from my mission. I had a Chilean companion who would spray Raid in his bed sheets before going to bed at night. The short term results were excellent. He never had any pulga bites. I'm not too optomistic about the long term consequences. To be honest, I think I actually tried it once or twice before I actually thought it through.

Katie said...

Spencer, that is too funny about spraying Raid in bed.

To Matt, Ian and Spencer, I am grateful you all came home alive.

Ian, I am sorry you must endure so many of my memories :). Including and not limited to the darling purple and white striped dress I wore on the first day of kindergarten. I don't think I've even told you what I wore to my kindergarten orientation yet...

Thanks for sharing your memories. We love to hear them!