Friday, February 08, 2008

Poor Mitt

A lot of people are a lot more broken up about Mitt dropping out of the presidential race than I am. But for those people who have been left asking "why", Lettermn came up with ten reasons in yesterday's top tn:

10. Harsh midwest weather was murder on his split ends
9. Wants to devote more time to rap persona P. Mitty
8. Polls show public doesn't want a president who looks like a casino greeter
7. Just couldn't compete with the Ron Paul juggernaut
6. Unveiling a new line of honey-roasted Romnuts
5. That bastard Zogby had it in for him
4. Apparently America is not ready for a white male president
3. No number 3 -- writer suffering from Mitt withdrawal
2. There was that little problem of nobody voting for him
1. Lost all of his money betting on the Patriots

A lot of these are lame, but I especially like 7 and 4.


Darth Spencer said...

Very funny. I'm so glad he is out. I'm curious to see how the Deseret news will continue to have two stories a day about Mitt now that he has left.

Katie said...

I think #4 is pretty funny. I thought I heard you crying in your sleep the other night saying, "poor Mitt...poor Mitt" :).

JanaB said...

I was at work and my boss e-mailed me "It is coming over the wires that Mitt is dropping out" I jumped out of my chair and said "YES! A Christmas miracle!!!!" His name leaves a bad taste in my mouth- pretty fun to see how much people DIDN'T care in Washington. . . well if my grandmother Ms. GOP herself is thinking about voting for my Obama then you know it is a fun election year!!!! Hope you are well!!