Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lunch Break

Katie and Grace were downtown today for Grace's doctor's appointment, so we got together for a fun lunch break. We went to my favorite taco stand: Tacos Don Rafa. We had a great time eating some great food and hanging out in the Sears parking lot. Grace loved it! She ate about one fourth of my large steak quesadilla, spicy salsa and all. She liked it so much that we had to go back and get her another mini-quesadilla (along with another steak taco for Katie). I don't know if I've ever been so proud. What a great lunch break.


Alicia said...

Mike is so jealous right now! He always wants to eat at that taco place but I don't let him...maybe I should give in. Congratulations on your pending new addition as well.

Darth Spencer said...

I'm sure you wont think it as awesome when Grace gets the diarrhea. I wish we had some taco stands down here in st. george. That sounds tasty.

Ian said...

Alicia, Katie was skeptical at first, too, but now she loves street tacos. You should give them a try.

And Spencer, I see a business opportunity in your future as a St. George taco card magnate (unless there are too many minute men down there to make it feasible)

Katie said...

We do love street tacos. I never imagined myself saying this. Alicia, I was very concerned at first. However, I read a report about how these stands are inspected even more frequently than other restaurants by the Health Department. They also have hand washing sinks. They also close down if it is too cold for the water to work correctly.

They are very yummy. I couldn't believe Grace slugging down all the hot, spicy food.

Darth Spencer, we're happy to report no "runs" from Grace. I really think you should open one in St. George. It would be so cool on the Boulevard.

Cicely said...

That's a cute story.

When I was reading it- I thought to myself:

Family. Isn't it about time?

You could be in commercials.

Robbie said...

All I know is that my children will be raised on a healthy diet of street vendor food. Your story does remind me of an all important test I learned in Mexico regarding said taco stands and dogs. Good times.

Marilee said...

Hey Ian! Things are a little slow on this lovely Friday so I thought I'd cruise your blog for updates. Excellent stuff. Good to see your girl is an eater. So cute! How's Katie and "the illness"? Hope you're well . . . Give my best to the fam.